Number of participants of Walk for freedom 2018

In Croatia on Saturday, May 19, 2018, the manifestation called Walk for freedom was held in Rijeka. It was reported that according to the police estimation there were around 550 participants, while according to the estimate of media representatives that number was around 3.000. By analyzing the photography taken by Gregor Bogdanović it can be concluded that in the photo there are around 2.119 persons.

Rijeka Hodu za slobodu

It is hard to say who of the counted took part in the walk, but it can be said how many of them were in a subjectively chosen tightly formed group of people and that number is around 1.804. That does not, however, mean that so many of them took part in the walk, but only in the selected group.

Rijeka Hodu za slobodu (oznaceno)